Filip Procházka


My name is Filip Procházka, and I'm a software engineer, and I specialize in backend web applications in PHP and Java.

Recently, I was more focused on Java with Spring Boot and Hibernate, but PHP is still in my blood, and I'm still capable of developing in it, I just don't prefer it anymore. I've also lost my prejudices about Python, and I don't mind touching it if the codebase has at least a working mypy setup.

My favourite social media is Twitter, where you can follow me at @ProchazkaFilip. But I'm also on Facebook, LinkedIn, Mastodon, and GitHub.

Billing information

Filip Procházka
Starovičky 28
69168 Starovičky

IČ: 01310534
DIČ: CZ9104154433 (plátce DPH)


1109451029 / 3030 (AirBank)
CZ08 3030 0000 0011 0945 1029

Contact address

Filip Procházka
Bayerova 586/14A
60200 Brno


Mobil: +420.774 634 649